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Surveillance is the principal and, undisputedly, probably the most efficient way of Information Gathering.

Accurate detailed accounts of any situation can be obtained by highly trained Specialists utilising the newest Technology of both Radio & Sound and / or Photographic & Video techniques.

Such detailed accounts, processed, edited and combined with logged observation, etc. prove invaluable evidence admissible in Legal proceedings.

Intelligence Gathering, be it documenting activities of estranged spouses, suspect business dealings, or dubious insurance and other alleged claims, is not just a 9.00am until 5.00pm process.

Unless structured and controlled, it could prove both inefficient and costly.

In order to avoid such pitfalls, a preliminary comprehensively detailed brief for reconnaissance purposes can help establish the most cost effective strategy.

Cost is often an influential factor – consequently we strive to minimise it whenever we can – providing such economies don’t jeopardise the successful outcome.

Prior to your plan, strategy & budget proposals, it is imperative to go over in depth all existing relevant information, etc. and establish undeniably the item of the investigation.

All cases are treated in the strictest confidence.

Through the investigation, our client could be fully appraised of progress. On completion we furnish the full written report with all relevant Documentary and / or Photographic Evidence.

ASE comprises a nucleus of former members from both The Armed and Police Forces – all dedicated individuals, highly trained, experienced, multi-skilled specialists in the art of Covert Surveillance.

Skills range between; High speed motorcycle target training with real-time, on-line feedback plus simultaneous coordination with back-up elements, … To….covert insertions in rural, urban, work or leisure environments – all without compromising confidentiality ….. sometimes around the clock over an interval with continuous situation update relays, etc.

Private Investigator Abbey Hey
Private Investigator Abbey Hey

Operational effectiveness demands the greatest amount of professionalism and is guaranteed by our usage of only experienced Specialists (often multi-lingual), Covert Observation Vehicles, Motorcycles, Radio Transmitter / Receptor Units, Audio-Visual aids and Electronic Monitoring Equipment – thus enabling us to cater for just about any situation.
Employing the right Private Investigator

Employing the proper private investigator UK to transport out your investigation can be quite a challenging task so ensuring you have the best private detectives on board is essential. That’s where we come in. We take the headache out of hiring an exclusive investigator UK. We have a great reputation within the private investigation industry not only for the high standards of customer care but in addition for the outstanding success rates. With award winning Private Investigators and Private Detectives, proven testimonials and a number of the highest success rates on the market, you actually trust our professional and reliable team of fully trained and highly experienced award winning private investigators. Hiring a private investigator from ‘Are They Safe’provides you with usage of a number of the country’s leading UK private investigators. Hiring a Private Investigator is not as expensive since you may think. Our Private Investigator Costs vary depending on the service you require. If you should be looking to discover the expense of hiring an exclusive investigator or private detective then please email us with the details of your case and we will undoubtedly be happy to provide an investigation quote. You can count on us to make sure that the outcome of your investigation will be completed within the set time frame and within budget. Our private investigation services are carried out within regulations, we’re also fully insured and registered with the ICO.
Undercover investigator

An undercover investigator, undercover detective, or undercover agent is an individual who conducts investigations of suspected or confirmed criminal activity while impersonating a disinterested third party. Undercover investigators often infiltrate a suspected insurgent group, posing as a person enthusiastic about purchasing illegal goods or services with the ultimate aim of obtaining information about their assigned target.

Many undercover investigators carry hidden cameras and recorders strapped to their bodies to simply help them document their investigations. The period of the investigation could work for almost a year, or in certain extreme cases, years. As a result of dangerous nature of the task, their real identities are kept secret throughout their active careers. Economic investigations, business intelligence and home elevators competitors, security advice, special security services information, criminal investigation, investigations background, and profile polygraph tests are all typical examples of this kind of role.

Undercover investigators tend to be misinterpreted as being just like a police or deputy, however, they’re quite the opposite. Rather than a police, a personal or undercover detective is trained in keeping a low profile, and are under no requirement to wear a standard or a badge. Police are trained to be direct in their approach unless utilizing a disguised vehicle.

Certain forms of undercover investigators, depending on their employer, will investigate allegations of abuse of workman’s compensation. Those claiming to be injured in many cases are investigated and recorded with a hidden camera/recorder. That is then presented in court or to the client who covered the investigation
Private Detective Agency

“Are They Safe” is a number one Private Detective Agency situated in the UK. We’ve established ourselves as one of many UK’s leading private investigation firms and have earned a reputation for our discrete, professional, effective and reliable private investigation services. Our testimonials speak for themselves and no other private investigator or private detective agency boasts the reviews and testimonials that people do. As well as our exceptional private investigator reviews, our private investigation services also have received National and International press coverage commending our excellent investigation services and results that people provide to your clients.
UK Private Investigators

If you require the services of a UK Private Investigator and desire a reliable, trustworthy firm of UK private detectives who’ve a fantastic reputation, have already been featured throughout the National and International press, are multi-award winning and have exceptional testimonials then speak to our award-winning investigation firm today. If you learn yourself in the problem where you will need to hire a UK private investigator whether it be for a company or personal matter then our specialist private investigators are on hand to help. We offer a FREE no-obligation quote and all enquiries are managed by professional private investigators and fully trained operatives. If you need to hire a UK private investigator then contact us today.
Choosing the best investigator for you

Ask if the investigator you’re speaking with is likely to be handling your case personally. That is an important point because many investigative agencies are what’s known in the trade as ‘facilitators ‘. Facilitators are companies or individuals who appear to supply investigative services over the breadth of the country.

Facilitators are able to offer this nationwide service by sub-contracting their cases to local private investigators. By enough time your sensitive information or predicament is sub-contracted or handed over to a third party you’ll no longer take control of who is handling your affairs.

Since it stands private investigators in the UK aren’t needed to be licensed. What this means is the it’s your responsibility to find out as much as you are able to about the person who will be handling your sensitive situation.
What kind of training do I need?

It is estimated that around 45% of investigators operating in the private sector are former police officers. Whilst all the work they now carry out will undoubtedly be of a civil nature, a number of the skills they acquired in the police force are occasionally useful, as some matters can overlap into criminality.
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Whilst that kind of earlier training may be helpful, it is unquestionably not just a pre-requisite, as investigation in the private sector requires numerous skills.

Whilst there are some great training providers available, from whom genuine educational and practical skills could be acquired, you should be mindful that additionally there are numerous so-called ‘training academies’that will print you off an extravagant looking diploma once you’ve paid your money, which, quite frankly, will mean nothing at all to a potential client who’s looking to check an investigator’s suitability. Selecting the most appropriate training provider is therefore vital.

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